Pig Slaughter Facility Responsible for Fish Kill

6a00d8341c7de353ef01630005a77d970d-600wi.jpgThe Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently traced the source of a discharge responsible for a fish kill – the killing of a large fish population by pollution – in the West Branch of the Floyd River to the Sioux-Preme Packing Company, a pig slaughterhouse in Sioux Center, Iowa. The affected area of the river extends at least nine miles downstream of the facility.

The DNR began its investigation after a resident reported stressed fish in the murky waters during the weekend of October 27. Concentrated ammonia levels were detected in the water and led to the deaths of thousands of fish.

Animal agribusiness has a long history of endangering the environment and wildlife. Pollution from poultry, egg, and dairy facilities has led to hazardous ecological damage impacting animal and human health.

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