Pork Lobby Introduces Crisis Alert Service for Farmers – Should Be For Pigs

The National Pork Board recently announced a new industry-wide emergency alert service for pig farmers. Subscribers will receive text messages alerting them to crises such as disease outbreaks.

National Hog Farmer quotes Derrick Sleezer, president of the National Pork Board:

Every day, America’s pork producers are busy on their farms and may not always have immediate access to information that could impact their operation. Disease outbreaks and other emergency situations can spread quickly, so America’s pig farmers need a news service to notify them immediately and enable them to take early action to safeguard their farms.

Of course, the National Pork Board’s main concern is profits, not the lives of the pigs it raises.

On modern-day farms, pigs suffer severe misery and neglect. Diseases such as Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus run rampant. Pigs are painfully mutilated and kept in extreme confinement. Piglets considered unviable by the industry are violently killed by slamming their heads against the floor. These are considered “standard practices in the cruel pork business.

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