Progress! Canada Files 38 Charges Against Elite Farm Services and Sofina Foods for Animal Abuse

Canada has made a lot of progress for animals lately. Last month the country committed to investing $150 million in the plant-based food sector, and according to a study published this past summer, nearly 10 percent of Canadians consider themselves vegan or vegetarian. Now Canada can add holding animal abusers accountable to its list of recent achievements. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has filed 38 charges against Elite Farm Services, Sofina Foods, and Elite Farm Services chairman Dwayne Dueck, after a 2017 Mercy For Animals undercover exposé revealed rampant animal abuse.
Our exposé into more than a dozen Lilydale chicken supplier farms operated by Elite Farm Services Ltd. uncovered workers punting and throwing chickens, slamming them against walls and transport crates, and ripping the legs off conscious animals. It even documented management standing by while workers mimicked crude sex acts with the birds. The companies and Dwayne Dueck are being charged under the Health of Animals Regulations. The CFIA alleges that these companies unlawfully allowed animals to be beaten and loaded into transport trucks in a manner that caused injury or undue suffering.
“It’s high time Elite Farm Services and Sofina Foods were held accountable for their blatant mistreatment of chickens, who feel pain and suffer just like dogs and cats, said Alanna Devine, managing director of Mercy For Animals Canada. “While workers at these facilities were caught maliciously harming animals, we must also reform the entire Canadian poultry industry, in which nearly all chickens raised for meat are crammed into dark, unsanitary warehouses and bred to grow so large so fast that many of them cannot even walk without pain.
MFA has already released 13 exposés into some of Canada’s largest meat, dairy, and egg factory farms, each time documenting horrific animal abuse. Luckily, after learning the truth about factory farming, Canada is making changes. MFA exposés have led to bans on gestation crates for mother pigs and veal crates for baby calves and corporate commitments to ending the use of cages for egg-laying hens.
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