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Proteinaholic: Is Our Obsession With Meat Killing Us?

In a recent video by The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Garth Davis discusses his personal journey from meat eating to plant-based eating after a series of health scares.

Dr. Davis, a weight loss professional, was diagnosed with high cholesterol, hypertension, and a fatty liver. It was at this point in midlife that he realized everything he thought he knew was a lie. On the belief that animal proteins would build lean muscle, he used to eat chicken and eggs and “hit the gym. This belief, held by so many people in the Western world, isn’t only false; it’s downright dangerous. Watch:

Dr. Davis is now vegan and knows that plant proteins are the healthiest. In his new book, Proteinaholic, he discusses America’s addiction to meat and offers tips on healthy eating. He reveals that doctors aren’t taught nutrition in medical school and claims many physicians lack fact-based knowledge of the health risks posed by animal products.

America’s meat addiction is so extreme that young men are actually consuming enough meat to make themselves sick.

Plant-based foods are not only better for your health; they also save countless animals from lives treated as mere meat, milk, and egg machines on factory farms.

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