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Scientists on Quest to Make “Real” Vegan Cheese

Scientists on Quest to Make
Scientists in San Francisco have recently banded together to help create the world’s “first real vegan cheese.”

This cheese would be created from the same proteins as dairy-based cheese minus the exploitation of mother cows. How, you ask? It begins with good old-fashioned baker’s yeast, which this team of scientists engineers to become “milk-protein factories, churning out real milk proteins.”

Cows used in the dairy industry are treated abhorrently, and dairy factory farms have a huge impact on our environment. With the advent of vegan cheese, inhumane and environmentally destructive dairy production could become a thing of the past.

Although these scientists are working tirelessly on this awesome product, there’s no need to wait to explore all the delicious and cruelty-free vegan alternatives to dairy that are readily available at your supermarket.

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