Shame on Walmart: Provocative New MFA Ad Calls Out Retailer's Support of Animal Cruelty - Mercy For Animals
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Shame on Walmart: Provocative New MFA Ad Calls Out Retailer’s Support of Animal Cruelty

This morning, Walmart executives and Benton County Daily Record readers in Bentonville, AR, were greeted with a Mercy For Animals advertisement that reveals the abusive farming practices in Walmart’s pork supply chain. The provocative, full-page ad calls out Walmart for continuing to work with pork suppliers that use gestation crates–tiny cages that trap pregnant pigs in spaces so small they are barely able to move for nearly their entirely lives.

See the full ad here:
These intelligent and social animals are forced to suffer because Walmart refuses to take a stand that all of its major competitors already have. More than 50 major food providers, including Walmart’s greatest competitors Costco, Target, Kroger, and Safeway, have committed to phasing out gestation crates. As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart’s decision to phase out gestation crates could finally put an end to this inherently cruel practice. With this simple commitment from Walmart executives, pigs raised in the United States would finally be able to turn around, extend their limbs, lie down comfortably, and engage in natural behaviors.

See for yourself the abusive practices that Walmart executives continue to support in this undercover video recently shot at one of Walmart’s major pork suppliers:


Please join MFA’s Walmart Cruelty campaign and demand that Walmart put a stop to confinement of mother pigs in cruel crates–a practice that has already been banned by the entire European Union and nine US states. Your email will go directly to Walmart executives Mike Duke, Bill Simon, and Doug McMillon. Take action at