Sign of the Times: Plant-Based Foods Now Have Their Own Trade Group

Civil Eats is highlighting one food attorney’s efforts to create a brand-new, entirely plant-based trade association.

While foods like fresh produce and legumes were already represented by trade groups, there wasn’t a single group focused on meat, dairy, and egg replacements until now.

The Plant Based Foods Association, which launched earlier this week, works to bring together like-minded companies and promote their products.

In the past decade, the retail market for vegetarian foods has doubled to $1.6 billion!

And the growing market for alternative protein sources, including meat alternatives, is likely to increase, with the potential to claim one-third of the protein market by 2054.

Food attorney Michele Simon explains:
This is a very exciting time for this industry. There is unprecedented interest in all things plant-based, whether it’s Taco Bell announcing more vegetarian items, investors putting significant money into startups, or Big Food companies like Pinnacle purchasing Gardein. This sector has matured to the point where it now needs to have a collective voice, both for promotional activities, and to advocate for policy changes to ensure its continued success.
With more and more delicious vegan products hitting store shelves all the time, there’s never been a better time to ditch meat in favor of healthful, cruelty-free alternatives.

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