Statement on avian flu depopulation at Iowa factory egg farm

The following statement regarding Mercy For Animals’ drone footage revealing avian flu depopulation at a factory egg farm in Iowa may be attributed to Mark DeVries, Drone Pilot and Drone Investigations Manager at Mercy For Animals:

“This aerial drone footage marks the first time Mercy For Animals has documented a factory farm’s ‘depopulation’ process. The harrowing footage highlights the all-too-common and cruel on-farm mass killing of animals during disease outbreaks, such as the avian influenza outbreak at this Iowa factory egg farm. However, nothing could have prepared me for the sheer scale of this tragedy. Dump trucks carried thousands of dead birds, pouring them into massive piles that were then buried by front loaders. This demonstrates the consequences of extreme confinement and may be the ultimate illustration of what is wrong with our food system.”

— Mark DeVries, Drone Pilot and Drone Investigations Manager, Mercy For Animals