Statement on the Deaths of Thousands of Pigs in a Factory Farm Fire in Saskatchewan

The following statement regarding thousands of pigs lost in a fire near Cudworth, Saskatchewan, may be attributed to AJ Albrecht, managing director, U.S. & Canada, Mercy For Animals.

“The devastating loss of thousands of pigs in this factory farm fire in Saskatchewan is a harrowing reminder of the risks and ethical concerns associated with industrial agriculture in Canada. Pigs are sensitive animals. Studies have shown that their intelligence and emotional capacity rival those of the dogs who share our homes. The immense suffering that these pigs experienced in their short lives and final moments highlights the urgent need for humane and sustainable alternatives to factory farming. As a country we need to prioritize the well-being of all living creatures and work together to build a more compassionate and responsible approach to agriculture.”

—AJ Albrecht, Managing Director, U.S. & Canada, Mercy For Animals