STUDY: Meat Consumption Linked to Shorter Lifespans

From protecting animals from needless cruelty and neglect to safeguarding our precious natural resources and staving off pollution, the positive impact of vegan eating cannot be overstated.

Now, a new study demonstrates the life-extending benefits of a vegan diet.

Published in JAMA Internal Medicine earlier this week, the study highlights the spectrum of life-threatening chronic diseases connected to red meat consumption and the health benefits of consuming plant protein.

Dr. Mingyang Song, a researcher who served as lead author of the paper, emphasizes that while consuming the right amount of protein is important, the source of protein plays an equally important role.

Reporting on the study, CNN explains:
Specifically, a 10% increase in animal protein intake was linked to a 2% increase in overall mortality and 8% increase in risk of cardiovascular-related death, Song said. However, a 3% increase in plant protein intake was linked to a 10% decrease in overall mortality and a 12% decrease in cardiovascular mortality.
This information isn’t new.

In 2014, a large-scale study of 73,000 Americans published in Men’s Journal showed that eating a vegetarian diet promotes longevity. In fact, study participants who followed a plant-based diet had an early mortality rate 20 percent lower than study participants who consumed meat.

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