Texas Cattle Rancher Goes Vegan, Turns Ranch Into Sanctuary

Renee and Tommy Sonnen used to operate Sonnen Ranch in the heart of Texas. For four generations, the Sonnen family sold cattle to be slaughtered for meat. But they’ve had a change of heart.

Renee recently became vegan and with that she decided she could no longer stand by and watch as their animals were shipped off in trucks to the slaughterhouse. So she and her husband turned Sonnen Ranch into Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, a place where rescued farmed animals can live out their lives in peace.

With the help of some crowdfunding, the new haven is thriving with 30 cattle, some rescue chickens, and even a resident pig.

Renee remarked of the overwhelming support: “Vegans are coming out of the woodwork, in Houston, Galveston, and beyond.

ABC News recently interviewed the couple. Watch here:

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

The best step anybody can take to help stop animal suffering is to follow Renee Sonnen’s example and go vegan. Learn more and find free recipes at ChooseVeg.com.