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The Next Flint, Michigan? North Carolina Factory Farms Poison Rural Communities

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has been making headlines for months. But environmental destruction and limited government oversight have placed more than the residents of Flint at risk.

A recent article by Civil Eats sheds light on the serious impact of pig farms on local water sources and residents in impoverished rural North Carolina:
Now a group of citizens is claiming that the state’s $3 billion pork industry is disposing of its waste in a manner that disproportionately and negatively affects residents of color, and that the negotiating efforts are being stalled by the pork industry.

… Black, Latino, and Native American people are disproportionately impacted, because they live in these areas where the hog operations are. The impacts are everything from the stench of the operation to the water impacts, to having your house, your clothes, your car, everything sprayed with this waste.
Unfortunately, these complaints aren’t anything new.

Just last year, 500 residents in eastern North Carolina filed suit against the pork production arm of Smithfield Foods, which they claim has subjected them to nearly unlivable conditions.

But it’s not just pig farms. Regulatory changes in North Carolina also allow poultry farms to operate in residential areas, causing major problems, including horrible smells, for nearby communities.

At its core, this is a fight against environmental injustice and the disproportionate effects of factory farms on communities of color.

Take a look at this shocking drone footage of pork facilities in North Carolina:

Factory farmers demonstrate blatant disregard not only for surrounding communities but also for the animals they raise like meat-producing machines.

Undercover investigations at hog farms around the country have revealed a culture of cruelty: animals intensively confined, painfully mutilated, and brutally slaughtered.

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