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This Woman Is Trying to Get Every Restaurant in NYC to Offer Vegan Food

According to Eater New York, Kiki Adami, former owner of GustOrganics, is working to veganize every restaurant in New York City.

Adami launched Veganizer NYC, which aims to show restaurants that by offering vegan options they can benefit financially. Her company turns non-vegan restaurant menus vegan for one-night popups. “If all restaurants had half their menu vegan, things would be so much better in the world, Adami says.

Veganizer NYC reaches out to restaurants that don’t cater to vegans at all. Adami explains, “I want to show people that if these restaurants can veganize, anything can veganize.

Her new company has worked with places such as Pagani, Cabalito, Cafe Frida, and Keg 229. Adami sets these places up with vegan suppliers and “all the tools they need and shows them that you can offer these options and thrive as a business.

New York City restaurateur Ravi DeRossi is proof that switching to a vegan menu doesn’t mean you’re going to lose business. DeRossi, who wants to turn nearly all of his 15 restaurants and bars vegan, says food sales at cocktail bar Mother of Pearl have doubled since it went vegan.

By offering vegan options these restaurants are catering to a new and fast-growing market segment. That’s right! The number of people ditching meat is growing rapidly, and this will only continue with the rise of millennials.

This is good news for the planet, human health, and the billions of farmed animals that needlessly suffer on factory farms.

You can be part of this exciting change by switching to a vegan diet today. Click here for free recipes and tips.