Truck Filled With Chickens Bound for Slaughter Overturns in Front of KFC - Mercy For Animals

Truck Filled With Chickens Bound for Slaughter Overturns in Front of KFC

According to Grub Street, a semitruck carrying hundreds of chickens flipped in front of a KFC in Melbourne, Australia.

Feathers flew as the crates crashed to the ground. A bystander, who identifies as a vegan, filmed the horrifying scene. People tried to free caged birds who were trapped alive. Unfortunately, a few dozen birds didn’t survive the crash.

You can see the chaos here.

Chickens are sensitive, friendly animals just like the dogs and cats we love at home.

While phrases like “bird brain might lead you to think they’re not intelligent, this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, chickens pass down knowledge from generation to generation, can recognize more than 100 faces, and dream like humans. But instead of treating them with kindness and respect, the meat industry cruelly forces them to live in filthy, overcrowded conditions. With more than 8 billion violently slaughtered each year, chickens are arguably the most abused land animals on the planet.

Take a stand against this horrific abuse by choosing to leave chickens and all other animals off your plate. Visit today and learn more about transitioning to a humane vegan diet.

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