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Tragedy: Toxic Fumes From Hog Manure Kill Father and Son

Factory farms, and the waste they create, contribute to a wide host of problems, from air and water pollution to lowered quality of life for communities surrounding them. But, as a recent story by Mother Jones explains, those issues are far from the only problems posed by excessive animal waste.

The author explains that “concentrating thousands of hogs in one place means concentrating huge amounts of their shit, too; and that shit puts off gases that are so noxious that they can kill people who work near them.

According to the Des Moines Register, “A father and his son who were so close that they were ‘like glue’ were killed Saturday by noxious fumes from a northwest Iowa hog manure pit—the second father and son in the Midwest to die of poisonous manure pit gases this month.

Factory farmers have a habit of blatantly disregarding the environment as well as the animals they confine, mutilate, and kill to make a profit.

The best thing we can do to protect people, animals, and the environment from factory farmers’ crap is to adopt a compassionate plant-based diet.

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