Unilever Does Another 180, Invests in Vegan Meat Study

It seems Unilever is having a change of heart. After suing vegan mayo producer Hampton Creek over the word “mayonnaise and then dropping the ridiculous lawsuit, the company has introduced its own vegan mayonnaise.

Now the corporate behemoth has invested in a study by Wageningen University of a technique called innovative shear-cell, which transforms vegetable protein into a layered, fibrous structure similar to steak in taste and texture. This work will inform production of meat alternatives.

Project leader Professor Atze Jan van der Groot told Dutch NOS:
They used to say they were not convinced and were not sure meat replacement products could become a success. This time around, they are convinced this is the future and that they need to get on board. The result is this new project.
Unilever joins nine other companies investing in this study. Clearly the demand for plant-based meat alternatives is increasing. As a Tyson Foods CEO stated just last week, “[P]lant-based protein is growing, almost, at this point, faster than animal-based.

Last month, Maple Leaf Foods, a Canadian meat packing company, purchased U.S. vegan company Lightlife.

But you need not wait for new products to hit store shelves. You can make the compassionate choice today to leave animals off your plate. Check out these 12 vegan meat alternatives to get started!