25 Vegan-Friendly Brands in Mercy For Animals’ Gala Celebrity Swag Bags

Thanks to your support, Mercy For Animals is celebrating 25 years of working to create a more just and sustainable food system! And in honor of those 25 years, 25 incredible vegan-friendly brands have donated some of their best products to our gala celebrity swag bags.

Here’s your sneak peek inside the exciting gift bags (photographed at The Industry Loft by celebrity photographer Devin Dygert).

1. Miomojo

This luxury brand offers elegant, eco-conscious, innovative vegan Italian designer bags. Compassionate fashionistas rejoice! Check out the gorgeous Alma bag in terra cotta.

2. Songsaa Hawaii 

Ahhhhhh… A transformative face and body oil that will uplift your spirit and soothe your soul! Mercy For Animals’ swag bag will contain Songsaa’s signature No.1 oil and Songsaa’s signature No. 1 15 mL mini.

3. Amora Design Studio 

A beautiful candle (with a special hidden crystal!), the Namaste eucalyptus and sage travel candle will transport your senses and transform any space!

4. Four Sigmatic 

Your smoothie and coffee just got a delicious, nutritious, mushroom-packed upgrade! Swirl up Four Sigmatic’s peanut butter organic plant-based protein or Think vanilla-coconut creamer and enjoy!

5. Michele’s Granola 

Check out this delicious, nutty, crunchy granola in a variety of yummmamazing flavors! 

6. Castle Kitchen Foods

Cozy up with some decadent Double Dutch dark chocolate in your morning or midnight mug! 

7. Dandies 

Mmmmm… Dandies vegan marshmallows are the perfect treat for a campfire, midday snack, or after-dinner dessert! S’more it up!

8. Rising Tide

A splash of coconut Focus Creamer in your coffee and a morning bowl of overnight oats? The perfect breakfast combo!

9. Axiology

Tinted Dew Multi-Sticks and Balmie Singles are cruelty-free beauty at its best!

10. Raaka 

This gourmet vegan rose-cardamom unroasted dark chocolate has a unique, satisfying twist!

11. Cocoa Parlor

Beware: Almond Crunch quinoa bars are the snack you won’t be able to put down!

12. Ocean’s Halo 

A tasty and nutritious bite from the glorious garden in the sea, these sea salt and wasabi snacks are about to become your new favorite.

13. Cocofloss 

Your teeth and gums will thank you for trying Cocofloss, available in Delicious Mint, Pure Strawberry, and Fresh Coconut.

14. Johnny Concert

Rituals Shape Up Serum is a glorious superfood, antioxidant serum that will become your daily beauty ritual!

15. Lupii 

Lupii’s penne is a new, bean-centric twist on protein-packed pasta!

16. JOI 

Your coffee will instantly be transformed into a special sweet treat with JOI’s oat milk coffee creamer singles.

17. LesserEvil

Himalayan pink salt organic popcorn is perfect for lunch-time snacking and fun-filled movie nights! 

18. Form 

This delicious, nutritious, eco-conscious protein powder has Orlando Bloom’s seal of approval! 

19. All Y’alls Foods

Texas is coming in hot with some awesome and unique cinnamon churro jerky!

20. AshaPops 

This healthy snack comes in a variety of flavors that are light, lovely, and sure to satisfy your taste buds:

21. Vego

Vego’s whole hazelnut chocolate bars are decadent, delicious, and divine with a nutty crunch!

22. Mmmly

This peanut butter soft cookie is guilt-free, gluten-free, peanut-buttery, and healthy to boot!

23. Noochy Licious

Make every dish yummier and cheesier with this game-changing Noochy Licious nutritional yeast.

24. Booda Organics

Protect your lips and make them extra kissable with Booda Butter Eco Balm and Booda Butter Original.

25. Veganics Catering

This Cosmic Cranberry cookie will catapult your taste buds into overdrive! 

Extra-Special Mentions

Tabitha Brown’s Books

Tabitha Brown is here to inspire, uplift, and guide our vegan journeys! She’s helping all of us at Mercy For Animals feed our souls, cook from our spirits, and do a new thing! We LOVE Tab, and we love her amazing books!

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