New Video Series Explores Connection Between Veganism and Social Justice

To create a more compassionate food system, we must examine the oppression built into our current one. The truth is that social justice and animal rights go hand in hand. To help advocates understand these connections, Mercy For Animals recently launched a video series focused on the relationship between veganism and social justice.

Through a series of eight videos—all narrated by passionate celebrities, influencers, and activists—we take a closer look at subjects such as environmental racism, food deserts, and the plight of slaughterhouse workers. The goal of the series is to encourage an inclusive, empowered animal protection movement well equipped to achieve our mission.

Episode 1: Intersectional Veganism

Narrated by author, public speaker, and international holistic health coach Koya Webb, our first episode explores intersectional veganism. Broadly, an intersectional vegan recognizes that the current food system has many flaws and harms both human and nonhuman animals around the world.

Episode 2: Human Rights

In this episode, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and activist Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram (aka FullyRaw Kristina) encourages us to expand our natural affection for animals to our fellow human beings.

Episode 3: Food Deserts

Our third episode, narrated by actress and activist Hayley Marie Norman, investigates one fundamental question: How can we expect people to start eating more plant-based food when they don’t have access to healthy options?

Episode 4: Environmental Racism

Considering eating more plant-based food is difficult for people worried about necessities like clean drinking water and fresh air. In our fourth episode, film and television star Kimberly Elise explains how we can recognize this struggle in our fight for a compassionate food system.

Episodes 5–8

Our final four episodes will be released biweekly beginning January 14. These episodes will focus on the plight of slaughterhouse workers and farmers, as well as the benefits of community fridges and urban farming. Find them on Mercy For Animals’ YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Want to help diversify and empower the animal protection movement? Make sure to share these videos and start a dialogue with your friends and family! While we know plant-based eating can never be 100 percent cruelty-free, it is a huge step toward a kinder food system and makes a meaningful difference for people and animals. Check out our FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide to learn more.