Victory! Slaughterhouse Shuts Down After Mercy For Animals Investigation

You may remember the horrific undercover investigation we released in 2022 showing workers repeatedly pummeling cows with sledgehammers. The footage was captured at a municipal slaughterhouse in Brazil.

Using evidence from the investigation, we presented a claim to the region’s public prosecutor’s office that recounted the welfare issues uncovered at the facility. The prosecutor’s office held meetings with slaughterhouse administrators and other stakeholders for over a year and a half and determined that the slaughterhouse needed to be shut down. 

On February 16, we received notice that it had closed! This case is powerful. It shows that investigations can bring slaughter lines to a halt and that cruelty to farmed animals will not go on without consequences.

While this is a major step toward sparing animals the worst suffering, we know that to create lasting impact, we need to change the system. That’s why we are calling for a federal ban in Brazil on the use of sledgehammers as a method of slaughter. 

To keep the pressure on, we released more undercover footage. It reveals other slaughterhouses where cows are still beaten with sledgehammers. The investigation landed front-page coverage in O Globo, the leading daily newspaper in Brazil and the most prominent print publication of the Grupo Globo media conglomerate.

Government officials in Brazil have received more than 750,000 messages from our supporters. Our organizing manager in the country recently met with Congressman Felipe Saliba to urge swift approval of the federal bill to ban slaughtering animals with sledgehammers, PL 49/2019. 

Calling for legislative change can help tackle the root causes of animal suffering. When you support our policy initiatives, you help promote lasting change that benefits farmed animals on a large scale. You can help us continue this critical work by making a gift today.

Learn more about this critical work and the progress we’ve made by exploring the Mercy For Animals Impact Center. This tool details our work for farmed animals and promotes an evidence-based approach to advocacy.