VIDEO: Shocking Pig Abuse Exposed at SPAM Maker’s Supplier

Piglets bashed to death headfirst against the floor… Pigs deprived of food for days at a time… These and countless other instances of horrifying abuse and neglect have just been exposed at a supplier to Hormel Foods, the maker of SPAM.

An undercover investigator with Animal Legal Defense Fund captured footage of these sickening practices at the third-largest pig factory farm in the United States. The investigator also documented animals suffering from open wounds, prolapsed rectums, and bloody cysts.

See for yourself:

As Mercy For Animals investigations have repeatedly shown, the pork industry is rife with torturous conditions for these highly intelligent, emotional animals. Pregnant mothers are commonly forced to live in cages so small the animals cannot even turn around or take a few steps for months at a time. Newborn male piglets often have their scrotums sliced open with razorblades and their testicles torn out by hand.

If we wouldn’t pay someone to torture a dog or cat in these ways, why would we pay the meat industry to do the same to pigs? Each one of us has the power to say no to animal abuse by replacing animal products with delicious, healthy, and convenient vegan alternatives.