Viral Video Shows Bees Working Together to Save Friend From Dying

A viral video shared on the Daily Mail’s Facebook page shows a heart-wrenching moment in which bees team up to help save a friend’s life.

The powerful clip shows a group of bees working to help a bee who had fallen into a honey extractor. The bees are cleaning their friend’s wings so the bee can fly again. Without this help, the bee would die.

After about 30 minutes, the bees managed to get their friend clean.

Watch the video yourself.

This video is further proof that animals are not only intelligent but empathetic. In fact, countless videos show animals helping one another in times of crisis. Consider this one that captured the heartbreaking moment a pig raced to aid a friend who was about to be slaughtered or this video of a dog helping a friend struggling against rushing water.

There’s so much more to animals than we know. Each year scientists make groundbreaking discoveries pointing to important similarities between humans and nonhuman animals. Take this article from Smithsonian magazine on fish and their ability to feel pain.

Increasingly, scientists are exploring the intelligence of insects and have found that bees are incredibly smart. In fact, last year scientists tested the problem-solving skills of bumblebees and the findings were astonishing. They discovered that bees could count and even make decisions by weighing uncertainty.

If this video teaches us one thing, it should be that no animal wants to die. And if the story of the help these bees gave to another touches you but you’re still consuming animal products, it’s time you aligned your food choices with your values.

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