Wow! India Becomes First Country to Ban Import of Foie Gras

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Thanks to the work of dedicated animal rights activists, India has decided to ban the import of foie gras effective immediately.

London-based Animal Equality petitioned the Indian government with video footage taken at a Spanish foie gras farm that was supplying to Indian restaurants.

S.P. Roy, joint director at the Indian Directorate General of Foreign Trade, had this to say of the ban: “We took consideration of the fact and then we decided that this should be done.”

Last year, Mercy For Animals conducted a harrowing undercover investigation inside Hudson Valley Foie Gras, a foie gras farm in upstate New York that supplies to, the world’s largest online retailer. Video footage revealed birds being force-fed through metal pipes shoved down their sensitive throats up to three times a day.

Watch the undercover footage:


Though foie gras production is banned in the state of California and most of the European Union, and its sale has been prohibited by scores of retailers, Amazon refuses to take a stand against this egregious animal abuse.

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