WUT?! Man Excretes 20-Foot Tapeworm After Consuming Raw Beef

One man is making headlines this week after the discovery of a 20-foot tapeworm inside him.

According to the Daily Mail, “Humans can catch them by touching contaminated stools and then touching their mouths, by swallowing food or water that contains traces of contaminated feces or by eating undercooked, contaminated pork, beef or fish.

It should come as no surprise that the man revealed he liked eating raw beef or that upon analysis the parasite was identified as a beef tapeworm.

But these aren’t the first vomit-worthy repercussions of eating meat.

Just a few years ago, a 63-year-old South Korean woman got quite a shock when a medical examination confirmed a semicooked dead squid had inseminated her mouth.

While such revolting episodes are enough to scare some people off of meat, the reality of factory farming is truly terrifying.

Mercy For Animals investigations at factory farms across the country have uncovered a culture of extreme cruelty and neglect. Animals are subjected to intensive confinement, agonizing mutilations without painkillers, and a brutal slaughter.

See for yourself:

The best way to ensure that animals are not tortured to become food is simply to leave them off the menu. To learn more about transitioning to a veg diet, click here.