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You Know We’re Winning When Meatingplace Magazine Promotes Vegan Meat

The March 2016 edition of Meatingplace magazine, a meat industry paper that touts itself as a community where “meat and poultry processors and their suppliers come together every day, promotes plant-based proteins on its cover page. Yes, you read that right.

Plant-based foods are all the rage. In fact, a third of Americans have reduced their meat consumption in favor of meat-free alternatives. According to the USDA, per capita red meat consumption in the U.S. fell 15 percent to 101 pounds in 2015.

The article observes that meat alternatives aren’t just for vegetarians; meat eaters are embracing these plant-based proteins as well. It asks whether meat processors should compete with the meat-free market or enter it with their own plant-based products.

It also suggests the meat market space is becoming a “protein market space and should be tackled as such by the meat industry.

The article features a Q&A with Yves Potvin, founder and president of Gardein, and spotlights Beyond Meat, a company that cultures actual bovine cells to manufacture food that mimics the taste and mouthfeel of meat.

“The plant protein market has genuinely evolved, especially over the last decade, bringing new dimensions of taste and texture to the table, says Potvin.

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