Chicken Welfare Reform Ramps Up With Burger King’s New Landmark Policy

Burger King, one of North America’s leading restaurant chains, today announced its pledge to eliminate many cruel practices from its chicken supply chain. This landmark announcement comes after Mercy For Animals worked closely with the company for six months to secure a commitment. 

The policy, which applies to all restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, marks the first time a major fast-food chain has agreed to such comprehensive improvements. Tim Hortons, the largest quick-service restaurant chain in Canada, shares Burger King’s parent company and has made the same commitment. Together, these commitments will reduce suffering for tens of millions of chickens each year. 

Burger King’s policy addresses many of the cruelest aspects of factory chicken farming. In accordance with the welfare standards set by Global Animal Partnership, the policy includes switching to breeds with higher welfare outcomes, lowering stocking density, improving litter and light quality, ending live-shackle slaughter, and using third-party auditors to ensure compliance. The new standards will be implemented in full by 2024. 

Restaurant chains that have failed to publicly adopt meaningful broiler welfare standards, such as Wendy’s, should follow Burger King’s lead on this critical issue. Click here to sign our petition encouraging Wendy’s to publicly adopt a comprehensive chicken welfare policy.

As always, the best way for individual consumers to help end this cruelty is to leave animals off their plates.