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HEARTBREAKING! Rabbits in Canada Desperately Need Your Help

We can all agree that rabbits are lovable and gentle creatures. That’s why this undercover footage from a rabbit meat farm is truly outrageous.

Rabbits raised for meat in Canada are housed in cages so tiny the animals are unable to hop, let alone jump three meters as they would in the wild. These poor animals can’t even extend their ears when sitting upright. Also, a lifetime spent standing on bare wire often leads to excruciating foot lesions.

Don’t believe us? Just watch.

For animals built for speed and agility, this imprisonment is indisputably cruel. It must end. That’s why we’re asking the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) to require that rabbits be housed in enriched cages or park systems that meet these minimum standards:
  • Allow all rabbits to lie down, groom, adjust their posture, turn around, move about within the enclosure, and sit upright with ears fully erect without touching the top of the enclosure
  • Provide growing rabbits with social opportunities and additional space to hop, run, crawl, and change direction quickly, with no restriction on how high they can jump
  • Include platforms, gnawing objects, slatted plastic mats, nesting materials, and long fiber
Join us in asking the NFACC to do the right thing and prohibit blatant animal abuse. Sign our petition here!

In the meantime, you can spare more than 30 animals a year from a life of misery by switching to a compassionate vegan diet. Click here to order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide.