Avian Flu Responsible For “Mountains” of Dead Birds

With the fast-moving strain of avian flu killing millions of birds at poultry farms throughout the country, restaurant chains and major food companies are looking for alternative egg suppliers—and better yet: substitute ingredients. Several of these companies have reached out Hampton Creek, a small business known for its amazing egg-free products and substitutions.

In fact, The New York Times recently reported that “13 companies worried about running short of eggs had contacted Hampton Creek about its egg substitutes.

While food providers scramble to locate alternate sourcing, farmers struggle to find a place for all of the diseased bird bodies.

The Des Moines Register explains, “With nearly a dozen more bird flu cases reported in Iowa last week, state and federal officials find themselves struggling with a nearly overwhelming task—disposing of mountains of dead chickens, turkeys and ducks—nearly 26 million in all—that are casualties of the deadly virus.

Landfill operators have turned away the dead birds for fear of contamination, and state officials are now putting pressure on them to do so, citing the odor and flies that neighbors are already complaining about.

It’s no wonder birds raised and killed for food become sick. The filthy conditions and overcrowding on today’s farms are breeding grounds for disease and bacteria.

See for yourself:

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