Baba’s Village: Chicago’s New Vegan Dining Destination

Baba’s Village is a fabulous Asian restaurant in downtown Chicago with some exciting new vegan dishes on its menu.

Vegan Menu-Baba's.JPG
This Indian-Pakistani restaurant has just greatly expanded its vegan selection to include a separate all-vegan menu. The restaurant is working in conjunction with MFA’s Veg Illinois Campaign to help expand and promote vegan options across the state. This new, unique, and extraordinarily satisfying menu includes Vegan Ginger “Chicken”, Baba’s Special (vegan “chicken” and “beef” cooked with veggies), and dairy-free milkshakes!

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In the heart of the Loop, Baba’s Village is a great destination for lunch or dinner, and is the only restaurant in the city serving mock meat Indian food.

Baba’s Village is located at 310 South Canal Street in Chicago, just one block west of Sears (Willis) Tower.

Make sure to come try the new dishes, and support this restaurant for the wonderful commitment it is making to the vegan community.

Check out for more information on this restaurant and also hundreds of other veg-friendly restaurants across the state.