Land O’Lakes Dairy Supplier Caught on Film Abusing Cows

A new undercover investigation inside a Land O’Lakes supplier facility in Pennsylvania has revealed routine neglect and cruelty to cows who are milked for the company’s products.

Over the course of several months, an undercover investigator documented deplorable, filthy conditions for cows on the farm, such as pens that were filled with deep excrement, and cows who suffered from ailments and conditions so severe that they collapsed and became “downers” but were not put out of their misery or given veterinary care in a timely manner, if at all.

Sadly, the cruelty documented during this investigation is not isolated. Dairy cows from coast-to-coast endure lives of fear and pain – consisting of confinement, painful mutilations, stressful transport, and cruel slaughter.

As a civilized society it is our moral obligation to protect all animal from needless cruelty. Compassionate consumers can put our ethics on the table by rejecting the inherent cruelty of milk production by ditching dairy and adopting a healthy and humane vegan diet. Click here for hundreds of cruelty-free recipes.