MFA Activists Dish Up Food for Thought in Chicago

The Windy City saw a flurry of activism this past weekend when MFA advocates hit the streets to speak up on behalf of farmed animals – holding a silent protest again KFC’s abuse of birds and a vegan feed-in at a local humane society charity walk.

On Saturday, volunteers converged in front of one of Chicago’s busiest KFCs to educate consumers about the extreme animal abuse perpetrated by the fast food giant. The event drew attention to the harsh reality that numerous investigations inside KFC slaughterhouses have revealed – workers tearing the heads off live birds, slamming them against walls, and slitting their throats while fully conscious.

The demonstration, which included graphic images of blood-covered chickens, turned the heads, and stomachs, of countless passersby. Demonstrators were praised with cheers, honks, and thumb-ups, with many well-wishers leaving with literature on adopting a humane, vegan diet.

The next day, MFA volunteers passed out hundreds of mini vegan breakfast sandwiches at the “Run For Their Lives 8k Run/4k Walk,” hosted by PAWS Chicago – the city’s largest no-kill humane animal organization.

Recipients of the feed-in samples saw that a breakfast without meat, eggs, or dairy is satisfying, nutritious, and gives you the energy needed to get through the day (and finish line). Along with the breakfast sandwiches, MFA volunteers gave away hundreds of vegan cookies. Nearly 1,300 runners walked away from the event with a Compassionate Choices leaflet – explaining how they can take a bite out of animal cruelty at each meal by going vegetarian.