24 Baywatch Cast Members Pen Open Letter Calling Out ALDI Cruelty

24 Baywatch Cast Members Pen Open Letter Calling Out ALDI Cruelty

In April, Mercy For Animals released devastating hidden-camera footage of a contract farm that raises chickens for an ALDI supplier. This footage has inspired 24 compassionate cast members from the iconic TV show Baywatch to pen an open letter urging ALDI to reduce suffering for chickens. 

Our investigation revealed tens of thousands of chickens packed inside filthy, overcrowded sheds and forced to live for weeks in their own waste. The investigator documented countless birds, including chicks just days old, suffering from severe open wounds, other serious injuries, and illnesses. Some sat on splayed or swollen legs, while others endured twisted necks and beaks. Some birds even had burns, organs bulging out, or missing eyes.

The footage has not only touched the hearts of countless supporters, activists, and ALDI customers but motivated 24 Baywatch cast members to team up in defense of animals. In an open letter to ALDI executives in Germany and ALDI USA’s CEO, Jason Hart, the Baywatch cast members urge ALDI’s leadership to commit to improving conditions for chickens in their supply chain. In the letter, the actors emphasize that ALDI cannot claim to care about animal welfare while ignoring the abuses chickens face in the company’s U.S. operations. The letter reads in part:

ALDI has already committed to a set of welfare standards that would ban some of the worst abuses from its chicken supply chains in Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands. We were so happy to hear about this! But we were confused to learn that ALDI has not done the same for chickens in the United States. Your company has as much ethical responsibility to prevent animal suffering in the United States as it has in Europe.

Signatories include Alexandra Paul, David Chokachi, David Hasselhoff, Erika Eleniak, Gena Lee Nolin, Jaason Simmons, Jason Brooks, Jeremy Jackson, Kelly Packard, Michael Bergin, Monte Markham, Nicole Eggert, Nancy Valen, Brande Roderick, Brandy Ledford, John Allen Nelson, Tom McTigue, Mitzi Kapture, Ingrid Walters, Angelica Bridges, Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Danny Woodburn, Vincent Van Patten, and Susan Anton

Actress Alexandra Paul, who starred on Baywatch in the role of lifeguard Stephanie Holden, stated:

All of us were devastated to learn of the abuse that takes place at this ALDI supplier. We believe no animal should be treated this way. We are proud to partner with Mercy For Animals and bring these issues to light. Our hope is that ALDI leaders will make the right choice and adopt policies that will reduce animal suffering.

Feeling inspired? You can join these iconic stars in taking a stand for animals! Ask ALDI to adopt a meaningful chicken welfare policy to address the worst abuses permitted in their supply chain by visiting ALDIUncovered.com.