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Consumption of Factory-Farmed Fish Overtakes Wild Caught

Overfishing is pushing our oceans to the brink of collapse, with over 90 percent of large fish at risk for total extinction.

Unfortunately, this decreasing population of wild fish is leading to an increase in fish farms. And Cargill, one the largest food companies in the world, is seeking to capitalize on that fact.

Earlier this week, Cargill acquired a Norwegian salmon-feed business for $1.5 billion, a deal that puts the company in the top three “aqua-feed producers.

According to a new piece by Bloomberg Business, “For the first time, the world is eating more fish from farms than from the open sea, spurring billions of dollars of takeovers as one of the largest food companies seeks to capitalize on rising demand.

But the folks at Cargill aren’t the only ones. Just last week, SeaWorld took its blatant disregard for animals to a whole new level with plans to build the largest fish farm in America.

Commercial fisheries are one of the largest threats to conservation of fish populations and vital aquatic ecosystems. These floating factory farms subject countless fish to a lifetime of suffering crammed into waste-filled pools and a brutal slaughter.

Fish are just as capable of feeling pain as other animals. With so many plant-based protein options available, there’s never been a better time to leave fish and other aquatic animals off your plate for good.

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