Tyson Caught Torturing Chickens, Again

Another undercover investigation—the third in three months—at a Tyson Foods facility has exposed sickening cruelty to chickens used for meat. The hidden-camera footage, captured by Animal Legal Defense Fund, shows workers carelessly dumping birds from transport trucks, breaking birds’ fragile bones, violently hanging live birds upside down in metal shackles, and ripping the heads off birds still conscious and able to feel pain.

Watch the shocking undercover video here:

Recent undercover investigations by Mercy For Animals have revealed similar horrific cruelties at Tyson, including workers and farm owners violently beating chickens to death with spiked metal clubs and leaving sick or injured birds to suffer and slowly die without food, water, or proper veterinary care. Our latest investigation exposed criminal animal abuse at a Tyson factory supplying chicken for McDonald’s.

Watch MFA’s latest Tyson investigation here:

As the world’s largest meat producer, Tyson has both the power and the responsibility to end the worst forms of animal abuse in its supply chain.

You can help—ask Tyson to stop torturing chickens:
  • Sign our petition
  • Comment under Tyson’s most recent Facebook post
  • Tweet at Tyson
You can also sign our petition demanding that McDonald’s, one of Tyson’s largest customers, require its suppliers to implement important improvements to reduce the suffering of chickens killed for meat.

Remember, the best way we can help chickens and all farmed animals is to choose humane vegetarian alternatives to meat, dairy, and eggs. Visit ChooseVeg.com to get started.