This Is Why Bacon Could Kill You… It’s Not Why You Think

Salmonella leads to more hospitalizations and deaths than any other foodborne illness, sickening more than a million people each year. In fact, the salmonella infection rate in people has risen 44 percent in just the last decade.

Healthline reports a recall of more than half a million pounds of pork suspected to harbor a drug-resistant strain of salmonella. The pork, produced by Kapowsin Meats in Washington, has sickened more than 150 people so far.

The article explains that it’s not just chicken that’s loaded with this deadly bacteria: “Salmonella, which is often associated with undercooked chicken or eggs, is now being discovered more frequently in other types of meat.

The strain of salmonella in this case has become more prevalent in recent years, and due to antibiotic overuse and misuse on factory farms, has developed resistance to many antibiotics. Astoundingly, a whopping 80 percent of antibiotics produced in the U.S. are given to farmed animals.

The threat of antibiotic-resistant infections has never been greater. Earlier this year, a study found that by 2050, about 10 million people will die each year as a result of such infections.

Breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria, factory farms are a threat to public health. As if that weren’t bad enough, they also subject billions of animals to cruelty few of us can even imagine.

You can do your part to help stop this madness by leaving meat and other animal products off your plate. For delicious vegan recipes and tips on making the transition, check out