Could Meghan Markle Be Bringing Veganism to Buckingham Palace?

With only weeks leading up to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the interwebs are buzzing. But it was this article that caught my eye last week. The couple tapped celebrity photographer, Polish prince, and ethical vegan (yes, all one person) Alexi Lubomirski to photograph their wedding.

This got me thinking. I remembered reading a while back that Meghan Markle ate a mostly plant-based diet. According to this article in Women’s Health, Markle eats plant-based during the week. Some of her favorite foods are hummus, chia seed pudding, and green juice. Could she soon introduce the Queen to vegan crumpets and scones?

While she’s not fully vegan, it’s exciting that someone poised to be so influential is also a proponent of plant-based eating. Markle also refuses to wear fur and loves vegan leather.

The power of influence is pervasive in our society. And no one wields it more than celebrities. These are individuals with millions of followers who set trends and change minds. That’s why it’s been so exciting for me, as a vegan activist, to read about the many celebs who have recently adopted a plant-based diet and espoused its benefits.

Beyoncé, arguably the world’s most prominent pop star, not only talks up plant-based eating on her social media but actually uses A.I. to help others join her.

All this translates into good news for farmed animals. Why? Because each time people choose to eat vegan, they choose to leave animals off their plates. This simple decision spares animals a lifetime of misery at factory farms. See for yourself.

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