Dairy Industry: Plant-Based Milks Are a “Serious Threat

According to DairyReporter.com, at a conference in Chicago, dairy executives discussed the challenges facing their industry, including plant-based milks.

“I think the threat is very serious, said Select Milk Producers CEO Mike McCloskey. “I think that many people have stolen the identity of milk over the years and we as an industry have sat back and not responded like we should have.

In an effort to crush the plant-based industry, member’s of congress from dairy-producing states recently proposed the Dairy Pride Act, a piece of legislation that would ban plant-based companies from using the term “milk.

The dairy industry should be scared. The popularity of plant-based milks is growing at an astronomical rate. In fact, earlier this year, NBC News reported that internet grocery delivery giant Instacart found searches for “non-dairy” up by 222 percent. What’s more, Elmhurst Dairy in Queens, New York, recently shut down after 90 years in business and switched to making plant-based milks.

This is all great news for cows. At dairy factory farms, these gentle animals are brutalized, forcibly inseminated, and confined in terrible conditions. Their calves are torn away from them shortly after birth. Male calves are killed for veal, and females are raised to produce more milk—trapped in a cycle of abuse for years until they are considered “spent and sent to slaughter.

Don’t believe us? Watch this Mercy For Animals undercover footage from a dairy farm in Colorado.

Thankfully, you can avoid drinking pus and contributing to this despicable industry by switching to a healthy and compassion vegan diet.

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