Farmer Has Change of Heart, Turns His Farm Vegan

After inheriting his farm from his father in 2011, Jay Wilde spent years agonizing over the constant killing of cows for human consumption. Now, after proclaiming he could no longer support industries that kill the animals he was raising, Wilde is turning his Derbyshire farm vegan.

In an interview with, he stated:
We did [our] best to look after them [the cattle], but you knew you were going to betray them. You really couldn’t look them in the eye.
Wilde also said he felt that killing animals for meat was “morally indefensible and that the cows on his farm sensed their fate. After 60 “years of turmoil, Wilde and his wife, Katja, sent the majority of their 70 cows to a sanctuary in Norfolk, England.

Twelve cows from the original herd are now the Wildes’ companion animals and enjoy the same love and care as the couple’s 11 cats and two dogs. The farm, now being overhauled for growing vegetables, is poised to include a restaurant, cookery school, and shop—and possibly even vacation accommodations.

This is great news for all the cows Wilde would have sent to slaughter.

A recent investigation into U.K. slaughterhouses spanning nearly two years uncovered a report of animals frozen to death, scalded alive, and subjected to “avoidable pain, distress, or suffering.

The report documented a host of atrocities: a cow “violently slammed against a wall after an argument between workers, chickens and pigs lowered into scalding water while fully conscious, and a cow taken to slaughter with a facial lesion “completely full of worms. Thousands of animals were killed without proper stunning.

Mercy For Animals has conducted more than 60 undercover investigations in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Brazil. Each time, we’ve revealed horrific abuses and painful procedures that are standard in the animal agriculture industry.

Don’t believe us? Watch.

But it’s not just the Wildes who’ve had a change of heart. Millions around the world are giving up meat, dairy, and eggs in exchange for a humane and healthy plant-based diet. Ready to make the switch? Click here to get started. And follow us on Pinterest for endless recipe inspiration