Notorious Congress Member Wants to Gut Animal Protection Laws

U.S. representative Steve King is not only a notorious racist; he may also be the worst member of Congress on animal issues. In the past, King has defended dogfighters, puppy mills, and exotic wildlife hunters, and his latest proposal is the worst yet.

King has once again introduced federal legislation aimed at overturning a wide range of animal protection laws by forcing states to allow the sale of unsafe and inhumanely produced goods.

HR 4879 and HR 3599 aim to strip states of their time-honored right to set standards on the sale of agricultural products, including animal protection standards. The bills could do the following:
  • Gut laws in Massachusetts and California that ban the sale of eggs from hens cruelly confined in “battery cages
  • Force California to allow the sale of foie gras, a cruel “delicacy made by force-feeding ducks and geese
  • Overturn laws in Louisiana and other states that ban the sale of dogs from puppy mills
  • Force Virginia and other states to allow the sale of dog and horse meat
In short, King’s proposal would create a nationwide “race to the bottom for agricultural oversight. If any one state permits inhumane, unsafe, or environmentally unsound practices, every other state would have to allow the sale of products made according to those practices. The bill could even threaten child labor laws!

King tried to pass a nearly identical law four years ago, but thanks to the many advocates who spoke up, the bill didn’t get far. Now he’s trying to sneak it through again.

Mercy For Animals is proud to be part of the large and diverse coalition of over 70 groups dedicated to defeating this dangerous proposal, and we’re calling on each of our supporters to take action. If you live in the U.S., please click here to quickly look up and call your U.S. representatives and tell them to oppose King’s anti-animal agenda!

Remember, the most effective way to stop animal cruelty is simply not to pay for it. Click here to learn how to move toward a compassionate plant-based diet.