Free Burgers! Another Ambitious Company Is Changing the World for Animals.

Beyond Meat, a company changing the way we think about meatless meat, has a unique proposition for restaurants.

One Green Planet explains, “The company is offering a free pallet of their new Beast Burger to ‘better burger’ chains if they agree to add to their menu. That’s right, they are offering a pallet of their new Beast Burger for free!

The article highlights a statement made by Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown: “We stand ready to put the delicious, protein-packed, nutrient-dense Beast into the hands of burger artists across the country.

Made entirely of plants, with just as much protein and iron as their meaty counterparts, as well as tons of omegas and antioxidants, the new Beast Burger could change the way Americans eat.

The company is encouraging its customers to get involved by requesting the Beast Burger at their favorite burger joint, using the hash tag #beastme.

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