If You’re Mad as Hell About Factory Farming, Here Are 6 Things You Can Do About It

Learning about the horrors of factory farming can be upsetting and overwhelming.  If you’re feeling overcome, here are some actions you can take to fight this dangerous industry!

1. Share Undercover Videos on Social Media

Most people have no idea how terribly factory farms abuse animals to bring us meat, dairy, and eggs. By sharing undercover videos on social media you can show friends and family the truth.

2. Attend Demonstrations

Demonstrations are a great way to pressure companies to make compassionate choices. You can educate other consumers and show establishments that you mean business.

3. Sign Petitions

Whether it’s demanding more or better vegan options or encouraging a company to move away from the cruelest forms of confinement, petitions can be a simple yet effective way to create change.

4. Leaflet

This is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to reach thousands of people with a message of compassion for animals. Just one person can hand out hundreds of brochures in just a few minutes. This video will teach you the perfect leafleting technique! 

5. Donate

Making a donation to Mercy For Animals is certainly a great way to help animals suffering at factory farms and slaughterhouses. 

6. Go Vegan

The best way to fight the factory farming industry is to boycott its products. Simply by choosing to leave animals off your plate you are taking a strong stance against animal cruelty. To order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guideclick here.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the truth—take action. Billions of farmed animals worldwide are counting on you! 

Click here to learn more about a healthy and compassionate vegan lifestyle.