Impossible Foods Cuts Prices, Becoming Even More Competitive with Animal Meat

Impossible Foods is cutting prices once again! For the second time in a year, plant-based company Impossible Foods is taking on animal meat by slashing prices for foodservice distributors.

Prices for Impossible Foods products are dropping an average of 15 percent for U.S. distributors, making them more competitive with “higher end” animal meat products, such as grass-fed beef. Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau will also see prices drop for domestic distributors. Impossible Foods spokesperson Rachel Konrad stated:

We’re definitely planning to continue to do more price cuts this year. We’re asking distributors to pass the savings down.

Impossible Foods has ridden a wave of enthusiasm since first introducing its products in 2016. After the company’s retail launch of Impossible Burger in September 2019, the exciting new product became the number one packaged item at Gelson’s Market. Not only that, through the following month, Gelson’s sold more Impossible Burger than traditional ground beef in both revenue and pounds. Gelson’s chief merchandising officer, John Bagan, stated:

No one could have predicted this level of pent-up demand for Impossible Burger. We had die-hard Impossible fans buying 10 packages at a time, and we saw a record number of new customers who have never shopped Gelson’s before. It’s the biggest product launch we’ve ever had.

The excitement for plant-based meats has only grown. Since the pandemic began and Americans started eating more meals at home, sales of plant-based meat have outpaced sales of animal meat at grocery stores. In fact, plant-based meat sales for December 2020 were up 61 percent over the previous year, while animal meat saw an increase of just 17 percent.

Impossible Foods hopes customers will enjoy the savings as its groundbreaking products become more accessible. Customers can now find Impossible products not only at high-end restaurants and independent eateries but at a growing list of fast-food chains, including Burger King.

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