JAILED! Another Canadian Factory Farm Worker Behind Bars for Abusing Animals

Earlier today Jonathan Talbot, a former worker at Chilliwack Cattle Sales—the largest dairy factory farm in Canada—was sentenced to 35 days in jail for abusing animals. His sentence also prohibits him from having large animals in his custody or care for two years. Talbot was sentenced after pleading guilty to one count of violating the British Columbia Wildlife Act and two counts of violating the BC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Today’s sentence is based on a Mercy For Animals undercover investigation at Chilliwack Cattle Sales. Video footage shows workers viciously beating cows with canes, kicking cows, throwing objects at a bull’s testicles, and poking and squeezing festering wounds.

Watch the footage that led to Talbot’s jail sentence here:

Talbot is the fifth worker to receive a jail sentence for the animal abuse revealed through MFA’s groundbreaking investigation. Earlier this year four other Chilliwack Cattle Sales workers were sentenced to a combined 147 days in jail. These landmark sentences marked the first time in Canadian history that former factory farm workers were sentenced to jail for malicious animal abuse exposed through an undercover investigation by an animal protection organization. Last December, in another historic victory for animals, Chilliwack Cattle Sales and its owner Wesley Kooyman were convicted of animal cruelty and ordered to pay fines totaling almost $350,000. One more worker’s case remains unsettled. Brad Genereux entered an intention to plead guilty on May 29, 2017. Genereux’s plea date and possible sentencing have been scheduled for October 4, 2017.

The cruelty exposed through MFA’s Chilliwack Cattle Sales investigation prompted British Columbia’s agricultural minister, Norm Letnick, to amend the BC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act to incorporate the Dairy Code of Practice. MFA is calling on all provinces to incorporate the Dairy Code of Practice into their animal cruelty legislation. Giving the Dairy Code of Practice the force of law will require the dairy industry to follow basic minimum standards for animal welfare.

You can act today to protect cows and all animals from needless suffering and violence by choosing a healthy and humane vegan diet. Visit ChooseVeg.com for ideas on how to go dairy-free!