More Than 80 Cows Escape After Transport Truck Overturns on Georgia Highway

A transport truck carrying more than 80 cows overturned Tuesday morning, causing chaos on I-285 in Georgia.

According to the state’s department of transportation, the trailer carrying the cows rolled over on a ramp heading onto I-285.

Sadly, 11 cows reportedly died. The department of transportation captured a few dozen who had escaped and worked into the night with local authorities to find the remaining 50 cows.

People reported seeing some cows by the Chattahoochee River. By 8 p.m. local authorities said they had captured the remaining cows, who were scheduled to be transported to a facility in Calhoun.

While we don’t know the fate of these animals, we do know that countless farmed animals desperately try to escape their cruel fates. Earlier this year, a large bull escaped from a trailer while en route to a slaughterhouse in Skowhegan, Maine. The animal eluded police for 90 minutes until he was shot dead by police.

Animals transported to slaughterhouses and factory farms are treated as mere objects. Despite being just as sensitive and intelligent as the dogs and cats we know and love, they are relegated to unimaginable torment: filthy conditions, horrific mutilations, and a life of agonizing confinement.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: No animal wants to die to become your food.

If you found yourself hoping this story would end with the cows being saved and sent to a sanctuary but you’re still consuming animal products, it’s time you aligned your food choices with your values.

Choose compassion and leave cows and all other animals off your plate. Order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today. And check out our Pinterest page with hundreds of vegan recipes!

Banner image: Authorities watch as cows are offloaded from the truck. Officials in Georgia had to call in the cavalry Monday, Oct. 1, 2018, after dozens of cows escaped when a tractor-trailer transporting them overturned on a busy junction north of Atlanta. The truck carrying 89 cows overturned around 3 a.m. on the cloverleaf of Interstate 75 and I-285. Many of the cows scattered, causing wrecks and clogging rush-hour traffic. (John Spink /Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)