OMG! Vegan Memes Are Up Nearly 7,000 Percent

Vegan memes are an internet craze, according to a report by Konbini.

Through a trends tool on meme website, Konbini found that use of “vegan had increased by 6,930 percent since January 2016.

Writer Lydia Morrish explains:
Some people regard memes as silly images with a bit of text and no substance. But actually, these seemingly dumb visuals illustrate areas of society in often profound ways. Memes are significant in public discourse surrounding politics, pop culture and even mental health. And no matter how much we play down the sharing of hundreds of thousands of these basic, pixelated but charming creations, memes highlight important shared cultural moments for the internet generation and beyond.
Last year The Guardian highlighted the exponential growth of veganism among teenagers. Profiling several vegan teens, the author concluded that animal protection, sustainability, and improved health largely motivated them. Not surprisingly, many were exposed to vegan messages on social media sites, such as Instagram.

Social media and tech play a big role in the spread of ideas. Veganism is no different. In fact, sharing factory farm footage is an important way to help farmed animals, as many people are so far removed from where their food comes from.

So what are you waiting for? You can help create a vegan world by sharing some of Mercy For Animals’ most powerful investigative footage:

• Farm to Fridge: Narrated by James Cromwell, this compelling 12-minute film gives viewers an eye-opening look behind the closed doors of the nation’s factory farms and slaughterhouses.

• What Cody Saw: One man’s search to uncover the truth puts his life on a course he never expected. This film features a former MFA undercover investigator.

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