So You Want to Work in Animal Rights… Here’s How to Get Started.

You care about animals, and you dream about a career in animal rights. But how to get there? You can put your passion and know-how to work for animals by joining the growing animal protection movement.

Here are a few tips to help you land a job in animal rights:

• Volunteer or Intern

If you ask most of the folks working for animal rights groups how they got their start, a big part of it included volunteering or interning with the organization.

Lending your time to an organization you would like to work for is a great way to get your foot in the door and shows the initiative and dedication that hiring directors look for in potential employees.

• Find Where You Can Be Most Helpful

Are you good at graphic design? Love working with your hands? Are you a tech-savvy genius or a fundraising expert? There’s a good chance that you have skills that can be applied to different roles at animal protection organizations.

Check out the variety of animal rights organizations and their different missions, strategies, and tactics. This will help you find a place where your individual talents can best be put to use.

• Network

Get to know the leaders within the AR community, and find mentors who can help you network. These people are far more likely to recommend someone that they know and trust when they hear about new job openings.

Social media and attending local AR events are two great ways to connect with advocates who are already employed in animal rights, including potential employers.

• Start Your Own Project

Not finding what you’re looking for or not ready to move cross country? Consider starting your own project and putting your unique expertise to work for animals, and be your own boss!

From starting your own vegan bakery to creating your own line of animal-free clothing, there are so many ways that you can earn a living while standing up for animals.

• Consider Becoming an Undercover Investigator

Undercover investigators are true unsung heroes of the animal protection movement.

Nearly every piece of animal-friendly legislation, change in corporate animal welfare policy, or decision by someone to adopt a compassionate vegan lifestyle—the most powerful change of all—stems from their work. Click here to learn more about becoming an investigator.

• Be Patient

Finding a job that you love isn’t an overnight thing. It’s a process that requires commitment and patience.

Take time to develop your skills and learn from others already doing the jobs you’re interested in. Stay in touch with your favorite organizations, and be sure to check their jobs pages frequently.

Click here to view Mercy For Animals’ job openings.