Thanksgiving Alert: Investigation Uncovers Animal Abuse at Turkey Factory Farm

Hargin-Investigation11.jpgA new undercover investigation by Compassion Over Killing reveals the systematic cruelty and violence turkeys face before being killed for the Thanksgiving holiday. The sickening video footage was taken inside Hargin, Inc., a turkey breeding factory in Minnesota, and shows workers violently throwing birds by their fragile wings and necks and sick or injured turkeys left to languish without proper veterinary care.

Since factory-farmed turkeys have been purposely bred to grow unnaturally large, these birds are no longer capable of breeding on their own. At turkey breeding facilities, workers manually “milk” male turkeys for their semen and then shackle females upside down and force a plastic tube inside them for insemination.

Watch the shocking undercover video here:


Eggs from this facility are sold to Willmar Poultry, the nation’s largest turkey hatchery and subject of undercover investigation showing baby turkeys being ground up alive in giant macerating machines and mutilated without painkillers.

Unfortunately, this type of extreme animal abuse is considered standard practice at turkey factory farms nationwide. MFA’s undercover investigations at multiple Butterball facilities have exposed workers viciously kicking and stomping on birds, dragging them by their fragile wings and necks, and maliciously throwing turkeys onto the ground or into transport trucks in full view of company management.

As a result of MFA’s Butterball investigation exposing workers bashing in the heads of live birds with a metal bar, numerous Butterball workers were charged and convicted of cruelty to animals. The convictions included the first-ever felony conviction for cruelty to factory-farmed birds in US history.

Watch MFA’s Butterball investigation here:


While brave undercover investigators continue to put their own lives on the line to shine a spotlight on the cruel and corrupt practices of factory farms, the best way for compassionate consumers to show their support and help end the needless suffering of animals is to adopt a humane vegan diet. Visit to learn more.