The Walking Dead’s Gruesome Scenes Lead Cast Members to Ditch Meat

Unlike the zombies on the show, many of the cast and crew members of The Walking Dead abstain from meat.

The hit TV show is set in an apocalyptic world where people must continually fend off zombies, also known as “walkers,” to survive. An article in the Daily Mail reports that these gruesome scenes are turning the cast and crew off of meat!

According to the article, cast member Norman Reedus has become a vegetarian. Reedus, like others working on the show, has been put off by the many realistic scenes of violence that include eating human flesh and slicing off “heads and other body parts.” Reedus explains that “no one was touching the red meat or even chicken.” Due to this new aversion to meat, 80 percent of the food on set is now meat-free!

Humans and animals share important similarities: both are living, breathing, feeling beings. When zombies on TV are ripping people apart, their victims scream out in pain and show great distress. Every day, millions of animals experience the same pain and fear on factory farms, except there isn’t anyone behind a camera to shout “cut!” Their pain is real, and the scenes on these factory farms are far more gruesome.

But no cruelty has to be inflicted on animals. You can help protect animals by taking meat out of your diet. The transition is easy and simple. Order a free Vegetarian Starter Guide and visit for more tips and recipe ideas!