Transport Torture Investigation Makes Headlines, Canadians Shocked and Outraged

Earlier this month, Mercy For Animals Canada garnered major media attention by exposing the horrors of Canada’s livestock transport industry. Canadians were shocked to learn about the cruelty that millions of farmed animals face while transported across the country for up to 52 hours without food or water.

The media frenzy started with an exclusive story on CTV’s renowned investigative program W5, followed by front-page headlines in the Toronto Star and Edmonton Sun.

From local to national and international media, including television, radio, and print, here is a quick roundup of just some of that coverage:
The disturbing hidden-camera video showed pigs too sick or injured to even stand being painfully shocked with electric prods, kicked, beaten, and violently rammed with heavy gates; and frightened animals transported hundreds of kilometres in sweltering heat, suffering from heat stress and dehydration.

Watch the undercover video footage here:

After watching the video over 80,000 people signed the petition urging Canada to update its outdated transport regulations to prevent egregious animal suffering. Mercy For Animals Canada attempted to deliver the signatures from this petition to federal agriculture minister Gerry Ritz. Unfortunately, the minster refused to accept the petitions. MFA Canada is urging the public to continue calling on the federal government to update Canada’s archaic livestock transport regulations.

Please sign the petition here calling on Gerry Ritz to swiftly update Canada’s livestock transportation regulations to prevent unconscionable animal cruelty.

As MFA Canada works to expose and end cruelty to animals at the hands of the meat, egg, and dairy industries, consumers still hold the greatest power of all to prevent the needless suffering of farmed animals by adopting a healthy and cruelty-free vegan diet. Visit to learn more.