Seven Must-Have Tips for Going Vegan in the New Year

Been considering going vegan? There’s no better time than the new year to add more plant-based foods to your routine, and these seven must-have tips make it easier than ever! 

1. Download a Vegan App

There are plenty of apps—many free—to help you find nearby vegan-friendly restaurants, engage with the plant-based community, discover new recipes, and so much more. Here are 12 of our favorites

2. Grow Your Community

Connect with the thriving online community of vegans on Facebook and other social media channels. Try joining a vegan Meetup, going to a vegan potluck, or checking out other veg events close to you to meet like-minded people in your area.

3. Veganize Your Favorite Foods

Eating plant-based doesn’t mean giving up your favorite dishes! From burgers and pizza to ice cream and cheesecake, delicious vegan versions of traditionally animal-based foods are hitting store shelves all the time. And with the wide variety of products already on the market, there are countless ways to “veganize” your favorite recipes.

4. Understand Allergen Warnings

Under every store item’s ingredient list, common allergens are printed in bold. Keep in mind that a “may contain” milk or eggs warning on a food label is meant for people with life-threatening allergies—it doesn’t necessarily mean that the food actually contains any animal products.

5. Tons of Tasty Foods Are “Accidentally” Vegan

Even if something isn’t labeled vegan or seems like it isn’t vegan, you may be surprised when you check the ingredients. Here are 10 accidentally vegan potato chips!

6. You Don’t Have to Know Everything

You may get questions from friends and family after your decision to eat more plant-based foods. It’s OK if you don’t have all the answers! Even folks who have been eating plant-based for years are learning all the time.

7. You Don’t Have to Be Perfect 

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, and just enjoy the journey! Veganism isn’t about purity: It’s about living in a way that avoids exploiting or harming animals and takes a stand for a kinder world.

Make sure you download Mercy For Animals’ free How to Eat Veg guide as a quick resource for your new journey.