Here’s How You Can Give Hope to Animals This Holiday Season

Whether it’s a new chew toy for your dog or a scratching post for your cat, many people like to buy their furry companions gifts during the holiday season. And even though farmed animals are just as sensitive and intelligent as the dogs and cats we consider family, they are often left out of heartfelt holiday traditions. 

Fortunately, you can share compassion for all animals this season by supporting our work. Here are just a few ways you can give the gift of hope to suffering farmed animals:

Find out all the ways you can give gifts of hope here

Not able to make a financial gift? There are tons of ways you can still help animals!

  • Give the gift of your time and use your unique skills to volunteer with Mercy For Animals. Whether you want to help organize or participate in on-the-ground demonstrations or complete online actions from home, we’ve got you covered. 
  • Choose kind foods at every meal. From sparing animals’ lives to reducing environmental destruction, eating plant-based can positively impact animals, people, and the planet. Get started with our How to Eat Veg guide
  • Join our Hen Heroes team! Sign up and you’ll receive emails with simple actions to take. The actions are quick, but they have the potential to lead to big change for animals. 

Learn more about actions you can take to help animals here.

However you choose to support our critical work, please know that your support enables us to give farmed animals the attention and protection they deserve. Every donation made, petition signed, and social media post shared helps us create a world where all animals are treated with respect. 

This holiday season we wish you hope and compassion! Start the celebration now with the gift of hope of any amount. 

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